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A study of media paywalls

February 18, 2010

This is a great piece of work by Alastair Bruce, content manager for MSN UK, showing how 30 online providers are charging (or not) for their content.

In short, freemium is the most popular model, full subscription the least popular.  Micropayments are being used, but not much.

Prediction?  Watch the increased use of micropayments as part of a freemium service.  And also, watch as some providers stubbornly refuse to charge for content, seeking alternative ways to remain financially sustainable (for example, The Guardian, which is experimenting with all sorts of approaches at present, such as providing its content via an API).

Charging for content

View more presentations from Alastair Bruce.

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Cash needs to flow for journalism to work

October 12, 2009

The Guardian is taking its digital strategy hyper-local, by launching a number of local news trials, starting in Leeds, Cardiff and Edinburgh.  Written by bloggers – preferably with journalistic training (so, soon-to-be-out-of-work journalists then) – it intends to deliver local news via its blogging platform.

Hyper-local news in Edinburgh might be of more interest to the world beyond the city

Hyper-local news in Edinburgh might be of more interest to the world beyond the city

While this is a sound idea, and is worth testing to see if it can be run sustainably, it does look like the Graun has missed an opportunity to put its money where it’s mouth is.  The job description fails to mention pay at all, and leans towards people with traditional journalistic skills, rather than a new generation of video bloggers who could really disrupt local news gathering and delivery.

The main purpose of the new news service is to scrutinise local politics and report on community news that will be of interest to the local community itself.  The advantage of the digital platform is that stories can filter up to regional or national levels when merited.  But it all rests on the newspaper taking a confident approach to resourcing the service.

Subscription or advertising-funded, the success of the service rests in the confidence of those paying for it.  Go on, The Guardian, pay a proper wage, find exciting young bloggers, and convince people that local news can be interesting.


Alan Rusbridger on journalism (and twitter)

May 4, 2009

In my view, the New York Times and The Guardian have taken social media more seriously than any other newspapers (I’m quite happy for anyone to point me to other examples). The recent release of their API (NYT, The Guardian) make them resemble social media more than traditional newspapers.

Here is a very interesting interview with Alan Rusbridger talking about the future of journalism, and twitter. It’s from German blog Carta.