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Protesters got sophisticated, the FT got pwned

March 28, 2009

You have to give it to the people who have put this together – they have achieved an April Fool’s trick to rival the best of them.

Entitled “not the Financial Times”, and dated 1 April, it looks at first glance to be the real pink paper. It seems to be on the right newsprint, and the typeface has been aped brilliantly – though not perfectly. But the editorial is irreverent, and in places downright offensive. And there is no doubting the target of the derision – big business and Government. Welcome to anti-G20 week.

It’s hard to agree with some of the sentiment contained in the 12-page paper, though it does attempt to maintain a sense of humour about what it’s doing. On balance, it’s a winning formula. It may just be because I’m a PR guy, but this had me in awe for fifteen minutes while I examined it in detail. (Bear in mind I’m slightly obsessed with media – for example I’m still pretty sure I can tell every UK national newspaper just from it’s newsprint and typeface. Not proud.)

Look out for similar devices in the week to come.