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Update: I stopped updating this blog in 2010 when I set up a new blog called Communicationcraft.net.  I rarely if ever visit this blog now, but if you have thoughts or comments on anything I was blogging about back in 2009, please feel free to get in touch via Twitter.  Pete

I’m Peter Sigrist and I work in PR. The work I do is about communicating with people. I’m interested in the changes that are happening in the way people create and consume content. Mainstream media used to be the big deal but now social media is changing that. I tend to be inspired by new ideas, but sceptical about claims to revolution.

I called the blog “No free lunch” as a reminder that there is no such thing. This stems from my view about the sustainability of ad-funded web services. Advertising is a blunt tool and the technologies needed to make it more precise are in their infancy. It barely worked commercially for the traditional media when these were geographic oligopolies, and I don’t believe it will work in isolation in the more fragmented media future.

But you never know, perhaps we are witnessing a revolution and free lunches will be an everyday occurrence in the future.  Here’s hoping!

This blog contains without exception my thoughts and views, not those of my employer Fishburn Hedges.

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